Friday, April 18, 2014

Three Different Styles of Wedding Films

At Precious Moments we offer more than just one type of wedding video. Each couple is different and therefore will want different things out of their wedding videos- read on to see the differences in the styles and see which one would be the best fit for you on your special day.

Cinematic Highlight Film

With this choice there are two cameras that capture multiple angles and pick up on things you yourself might have missed. This type of film has proven to be very emotional and creative- each time you watch it you will witness something new. The finished, edited product will be 30 minutes

long and you will also receive all the raw footage from the day.


Cinematic Standard Film

This choice also has two cameras rolling at all times and captures many things throughout the day.
This one is different because the finished video will be in chronological order of all the events of your day. This will help you to remember how you felt as you were going from the ceremony to the reception and how you felt later on in the day. The video will be 60 minutes long.

Documentary Video

This last option utilizes one camera and focuses on the main events of the day. This style will capture all the important moments and present them in real time. This film has the least amount of editing done to it and is a verbatim documentation of your special day. The finished product will be 90 minutes long.